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Our Curriculum

Our practice is based on the CT Early Learning and Developmental Standards and the Connecticut Preschool Assessment Framework. Both guide and inform our staff’s self-designed curriculum.  We embrace a play-based and discovery center-based approach to supporting the learning and growth of young children’s minds, bodies, and spirits.  During each class session, children will experience a balance of self-directed play with a variety of materials that are intentionally prepared and selected by teachers to encourage physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and creative growth, along with teacher-led lessons and activities.  Our curriculum addresses every aspect of a child’s developmental learning including cognition, social and emotional development, physical development, language and literacy, creative arts, mathematics, science and social studies.

Each of these learning areas is on a continuum that children move along as they learn and grow. As an example, on the math continuum, children gradually increase their understanding and complexity for the task of sorting:

A Look at Concepts Covered by Grade Level


  • Socialization & Interpersonal Skills
  • Separation
  • Self Help & Independence
  • Potty Training Support
  • Begin to Recognize #s 1 – 10
  • Learn 8 Basic Colors
  • Learn 8 Basic Shapes
  • Begin to Learn Alphabet
  • Hand-Eye Coordination Activities
  • Gross Motor Skills Activities
  • Improve Language Skills
  • Stamina for Group Activities
  • Simple Arts & Crafts Projects


  • Separation From Parents
  • Self-Help & Independence (jackets, zippers, etc)
  • Interpersonal & Socialization Skills
  • Understand & Follow Directions
  • Name Recognition
  • Number Recognition up to 10
  • Patterns, Sorting & Sequencing Introduced
  • Size Concepts (small, large, medium, tiny, big)
  • Use of Crayons, Markers & Paint Brushes
  • Scissors Skills
  • Large Motor Skills Development


  • Same, Different & Opposites
  • Sequencing & Patterns
  • Position Word Concepts
  • Letter / Sound Associations
  • Sight Words & Word Families
  • Write First & Last Name
  • Upper & Lower Case Letters
  • Number Recognition up to 20
  • Adding & Subtracting Using Manipulatives
  • Small Motor Skills Mastery (scissors, pencil grip, etc)
  • Calendar Concepts (days of the week, months & holidays)
  • Independence & Self Help Skills
  • Empathy & Consideration for Others


  • Sorting by shape, color & size
  • Patterns: AB, AABB, ABC
  • Phonics & Sight Words
  • Draw Pictures & Dictate Sentences About Stories
  • Matching: Symbols, Shapes, Patterns, Sizes, Etc.
  • Time & Money Concepts
  • Handwriting – Left to Right
  • Units of Study Such as Animals, Human Body, Dinosaurs, Reuse/Recycle
  • Art Methods Such as Painting, Weaving, Collage, Sculpture
  • STEM Activities



In addition to ample time on the playground, children meet with Miss Sally in our spacious indoor gym to work on gross motor skills: balance, flexibility, rhythm, and increasing their upper and lower body strength. We have ample equipment including parachutes, jump ropes, balls, indoor tricycles and basketball hoops.

Acting Out

Ms. Karen and Chester, her trunk full of innovative costumes, puppets and props set the stage to bring stories to life. This interactive creative dramatics program educates and entertains while everyone shines like a star!


Our resident RN, Nurse Dana, explores a variety of Science units including our Solar System, the Human Body, Seasons & Weather Patterns.


Music classes are held each week for all of our classes. Children sing, dance and play instruments with the guidance of our expert music teacher, Miss Marcia.